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Acerca de Ruben García

Experto en Lanzamientos Digitales y Marketing  B2B ha sido consultor y manager de desarrollo de negocio para empresas como IBM o Accenture cerrando Inteligencias Artificiales (AI) como ChatGPT en varios países de Europa y Latinoamérica

Desde ese salto hasta ahora, más de 500 alumnos mentorizados, más de 100 proyectos internacionales realizados y miles de horas de formación a mis espaldas. Desde los 13 años ya estaba en Internet con ganas de crear, hoy todavía sigo con ello.

Paso 2: Clasificado mejor en el mundo!


Net Promoter Score is used by Corporate America and Fortune 500 Companies to measure the success of a business. Everything is based upon customer feedback.

f over 40 is considered as world class, we scored 80!

To put our score into context, here are some Net Promoter Score benchmarks for companies you may recognize:

Our Members Rank Us Almost Double Compared To How Apple’s Customers Rank Apple!

So if you decide you want to work more closely with us, you KNOW we’ll look after you and do whatever it takes to help you succeed and hit your business goals.

But there’s no pressure on the call. 

Whatever you decide to do, you’ll leave the call with renewed clarity and a clear plan to help you advance your business and achieve your goals.


Paso 2: Clasificado mejor en el mundo!



I know we can add immense value to your business, and I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.

If you don’t make back the money you invest in our services and courses, I’ll personally refund the difference.

To my knowledge, nobody offers this kind of promise, but I do. Because I know my team and I can deliver.

* Participation conditions apply and will be disclosed

Mira lo que se dice de mí en los medios

Paso 4: Mire estas capacitaciones adicionales de nuestros miembros

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What You’ll Hear On The Call:

  • He scaled his clients by 500% from just 2 to 12 clients – WITHOUT a reduction in his customer satisfaction.
  • ​​He now has more free time with 12 clients than he did with just 2, thanks to how I helped him restructure his SOPs for scale.
  • How on the first call with me, I gave him a process that allowed him to establish boundaries with his existing clients, while making them feel even MORE cared for.
  • ​The 3 KEY SECRETS he learned from Rudy that he would share with others who want to follow in his footsteps
  • How it took just 10 days to completely restructure and fix his business, and how he then brought on new clients inside the first 30 days – after spending a year beforehand to get to just 2 clients.


Here’s What Our Members Said When We Asked What They Would Say To Anyone Thinking About Working With Me And My Team


Please Study This Page BEFORE Your Call

Your call is coming up soon and we’re excited to speak with you.

However I felt it was important for you to get to know us, in advance of the call.

There’s a lot of valuable information on this page, including links to articles I’ve published on major media sites, or special features that have been done on me.

Read those too, because you’ll gain a lot of valuable insights that you can apply to your business, in your role as an entrepreneur.

Here Are A Few Things To

Help Make Your Call Awesome

1) Save the date and time in your diary and set notifications.

Don’t become one of those people who gets caught up in the day-to-day activities and forgets about important appointments.

My coaches WILL be live on the call at the exact date and time you booked in for.

Please respect their time by showing up at your chosen date and time.

We recommend being ready for your call 5-10 minutes earlier than your chosen time, so you can think about the questions you need answered, your goals, and any problems you’re currently facing with your marketing.

2) Be prepared to have fun and take notes

Make the most of this session. It’s not every day that you get to discuss YOUR business with some of the world’s top marketing experts.

(I know they’re experts because I work with these people every day, and I only hire the best.)

Make sure you have a pen and paper handy, because you don’t want to forget any of the golden nuggets shared on the call.

Just one good idea or insight could dramatically shift your business trajectory over the coming year.

3) Show up energised, ready to rock and roll and have a blast!


We’re At The Dawn Of A New Era Of Online Sales… Your Ability To Generate Leads And Customers For Your Business – At Scale – Will Be The Single Biggest Factor In The Future Success Of Your Business. Let Us Assist And Help You Step Up To The Next Level.